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ICIF China 2024
ICIF China 2024
ICIF China 2024
  •  Gold Enterprises
  • Company Type:  MPR
  • Country:  China
  • Contact:   Mao Menglin
  • Mobile:  +86-10-64285845
  • Tel:  +86-10-64285845
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    About Us
           With a history of 30 years, ICIF China has become the world's largest meeting place for petroleum and chemicals chain. ICIF China has played an important role in comprehensively displaying the latest technologies in China's chemical industry and promoting international trade.

    ICIF China

    Item:1      CAS:      Formula:

    petrochemical & energy chemical industry

    Item:2      CAS:      Formula:

    basic chemical materials

    Item:3      CAS:      Formula:

    new chemical materials

    Item:4      CAS:      Formula:

    fine and special chemicals

    Item:5      CAS:      Formula:

    chemical technology & equipment

    Item:6      CAS:      Formula:

    chemical packaging & storage

    Item:7      CAS:      Formula:

    SmartChem & intelligent manufacturing

    Item:8      CAS:      Formula:

    Chemical synthetic materials and raw materials

    Item:9      CAS:      Formula: