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Welcome to Globalchemarket.com

By accessing this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the following terms. Your use of our services and products is subject to the Terms. If you do not wish to be bound by any part of the terms, please exit Globalchemarket.com and stop using the Services immediately. With regard to any behavior that violates the provisions of the Terms, Globalchemarket.com shall have the right to seek legal and fair remedies.

Please fully read the true information of the partner before cooperation. If you have any doubts about the product or company information released by the partner, please contact Globalchemarket.com for consultation in advance.

Globalchemarket.com reserves the right to change, modify, and update this statement at any time in its sole discretion without prior notice.

1.The terms and conditions set forth in this legal notice apply to all individuals or entities who access and use Globalchemarket.com. Any action in connection with this website will be deemed as an endorsement of the entire content of this statement.

2.GlobalChemarket.com is a professional B2B procurement network platform for the chemical industry. Any individual and enterprise users should strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations. It is strictly prohibited to sell non-chemical products and prohibited chemical products on the website.

3.GlobalChemarket.com respects and protects the privacy of all users and users. Any registered user name, password and other personal information will not be voluntarily disclosed to third parties in any form without permission. However, it shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss caused by any third party accessing the website by illegal means to obtain the relevant password, information and content.

4.Globalchemarket.com is to provide the supplier information display and buyers demand platform, all the information released by members of the member (including but not limited to the company name, contact person and contact information, product description and details, photos, video, etc.), Globalchemarket.com will carefully to verify information provided, but Globalchemarket.com does not guarantee that all sources of information, as well as the authenticity, legitimacy and accuracy of the information. The information content is only for reference and use by visitors.

6.All original content published by Globalchemarket.com is strictly prohibited to be reproduced without authorization. Any violator will be prosecuted by Globalchemarket.com. The copyright of articles, materials and images reprinted on Globalchemarket.com belongs to the original author or the original media, without the consent of the copyright owner. Please contact Globalchemarket.com if any violation occurs.

7.In order to provide better services, GlobalChemarket.com will conduct regular maintenance and promises to announce the time of maintenance in advance. The end time of maintenance will be based on the actual time. Globalchemarket.com is not liable for any inconvenience or financial loss caused during its maintenance.